Welcome to AFORDABLE SIDING & WINDOWS. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We understand that time is very valuable and can’t be replaced. That’s why we work twice as fast to get you the most satisfaction from your home. Although, our work is done in the least amount of time as possible, we still work to code 100%, and only use quality products. We believe in the importance of integrity and guarantee you, the homeowner, peace of mind.

AFFORDABLE SIDING & WINDOWS knows that finding a quality product at a great price isn’t easy. That’s why we work with many different high quality manufactures to find you the best deal.

AFFORDABLE SIDING & WINDOWS provides homeowners with energy efficient products to not only improve the quality of the home but the quality of life for the world. By using our products you decrease the amount of energy being used which not only enhances our environment but saves you money with your electric bill. Saving money and electricity is great and important for everyone. That’s why we reward our customers with money. Yes, that’s right! When working with us you will be given a CPS rebate check. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do a thing. We do all the work for you, all you do is sit back, relax, and we will send the check to you.

At AFFORDABLE SIDING & WINDOWS we know that not only improving the environment and quality of the home is important but looks are too. That’s why our products come in a variety of colors and sizes. We will match up our products to your home, or if you want a little change in your life we can match up a color that’s right for you. Please call us @ 210-733-6599 for a free estimate.

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